no limits

Our Approach to Be The Dream

We believe every question has an answer. Our quest is to ask better questions in serving our target market - entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs. Anything is possible to those who know how to create ways for people, places and things to come together for a purpose. From small business to business plan curriculum, we aim to serve well.

There are no limits to our collaborative achievement capacity. We make a better world as a result of learning how to work together better. We share a vision of helping America grow into a world leader again.

Meet the Team

We are all connected. The three of us have this rather mystical thing going. Sean invited Zen to a music festival which ultimately led to meeting his once and future wife, Luba. All three are awake and aware of their connections with everything around them. This makes for a powerful team and transformative business engagements.


Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, TLC

Founder & CEO

Possibilities Coagulator

Over 20 years of helping people, places and things work together better to make a better world.


Luba Brodsky

Chief Inspirational Officer

Co-inspirator & Pedagogue

Born in St. Petersburg, her vision for a better world fuels her love for music and teaching life skills.


Sean Lusk


Maker of $ense Common

As a Vet he’s grown through experiences, reinforcing his ability to assist friends, family & community.

Reach Out...

Want to be unstoppable in your business growth? Hire a coach/mentor. We've got a lot of depth, experience, knowledge and willingness to share the wisdom that has make our lives rather magical, allowing our business to catapult us upon the world stage.